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One of the best things about the online and mobile casino industry is the crazy amount of bonuses that are thrown your way and so if you’re a slots player entering this world for the first time then you’ll want to grab yourself a UK slots bonus as you do. These UK slots bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes so finding the one that’s ideal for you is rarely an issue. More often than not though players are simply blown away by what’s on offer to them and wish they’d signed up sooner.

There are two types of UK slots bonus you can receive and they are the ones you get when you first sign up to a site and the ones you get for being a frequent member of a site. We’d imagine most players reading this would be interested in the former and so that’s what we’ll talk about here.

UK Slots Bonus Free Play Demo Mode

The first UK slots bonus feature a new player will want to seek out is playing for free in demo mode –  no deposit needed. These also come in two forms and even here at Slots Mobile Casino we offer one to our new players. A UK slots bonus a site will either give a small amount of free cash to play with after you’ve made your first deposit, or they’ll allow you to play for fun in demo mode. Both of these do the same thing really as you can use both to play on the site’s top slots.

The cash slot bonus

The best part about these two UK slots bonuses and why we’d recommend them: Firstly,  you get a free bit of casino deposit bonus cash or free play demo mode games action, but you also get an opportunity to learn how online software works and what sort of games you can expect to find on that particular site!

Enjoy a UK Slots bonus

The big UK slots bonuses that players really seem to crazy after though are the new player matching deposit bonuses. These bonuses can be worth anywhere from £20 to £1,600 right as you sign up to a new site and the amount they’re worth is directly related to how much you are willing to deposit. The average you get for this UK slots bonus is a 100% matching deposit bonus however these number can fluctuate as high as 500% at the top end or 25% at the low end. Online casinos understand that not everyone can afford to spend the big bucks which is why even if you’re making a small deposit of only £10 or £20 you can still be given £30 to £60 to play with as a result!

So as you can see there’s a lot of money to be had from UK slots bonuses so before you commit yourself to a particular site take a look around to find the site which has the best deal for you!

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