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About Blackjack


Blackjack is the oldest game you’ll find at the casino as it was an instant hit with players when it first appeared in casinos back when casinos were first created and has become a mainstay ever since. Blackjack is such a popular game in fact that it’s probably the only casino game you’ll find that’s played in households up and down the country even when there’s no money on the line!

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If this sounds about right to you as your first port of call in any casino is the Blackjack table then we’re sure you’ll really benefit from hearing about Online Blackjack and the many benefits it will bring you as online casinos have somehow managed to take the game of Blackjack and make it even better than it already is which is certainly no small feat!

The rules of Blackjack are still the same

The differences between regular Blackjack and online Blackjack are not all that different to be honest. The rules of Blackjack haven’t changed it’s just the way in which you make your moves that has. Instead of placing the chips in the betting box then telling your dealer what move you wish to make with online Blackjack you’ll simply click to place the virtual chip in the betting box you wish to bet in then click one of the options available to you when it’s your turn to act. Online Blackjack is an incredibly simple game to play yet remains just as exciting so you shouldn’t have any problems picking the game up when you first transition into the online world.

Start playing online Blackjack today

To help you along in this transition though there is one fantastic tool there to help you which is the free to play Blackjack games. These free games are the exact same games as the real money Blackjack games you’ll find on a site it’s just there’s no cost to play in these games and so there’s no prizes attached either. Of course as we said at the start the whole point of these games are to be used as a learning tool so you don’t have to worry all that much about the money involved and instead just focus your time learning the games and getting comfortable with what you’re doing.

Blackjack game types

There’s a quite a wide range of Blackjack games available to you when you step into the online arena so learning the online software isn’t all there is to learn. Each of these Blackjack games will come with their own special rules that makes their game a little bit different and just as interesting so rather than spending your money to find out what they are you’re best off playing for free first to see how it works plus if you like it or not!

Play online Blackjack

While we’re on the topic of Blackjack variations now would be a pretty good time to go into some details about what they are. If you’ve been playing at land based casinos most of your life then you’ll probably only ever have seen one or two types of Blackjack game being offered up to you. Compared to online and mobile casinos this is an absolutely tiny amount as even the smallest casinos in the world out there will have at least 5 or 6 variations for you to check out. Some of these games come with one small change while others bend the rules quite a bit but they’re all certainly quite interesting and you may even discover a game you love even more than the original.

Our recommendation to you would be the double up Blackjack variant which allows you to double any bet you’ve already made without taking another card which helps to create some pretty huge wins!

Blackjack advantages

 There are two major advantages that come from choosing to play Blackjack at and online casino rather than a regular one with the first of those being the time and effort that is saved as a result. Getting to your local casino is very rarely a case of leaving your home and walking down the street with the more common scenario involving a 10-15 minute drive or even longer if you’re taking public transport.

Blackjack game variants

This isn’t ideal given the amount of time it removes from your day plus the amount of hassle it creates. The is especially true when you’re only looking to play a couple of hands as the costs outweigh the benefits. When you choose to play Blackjack at an online casino there’s no travelling time involved nor is there any hassle involved either so if both places offer up the same game why not take the easy option and use that extra time you have to play more games or spend more time with the family?

The second big perk of playing Blackjack online is there’s some incredibly sizable bonuses waiting for you when you sign up. These bonuses could equate to more than a thousand pounds each year even if you’re only a casual player which is nothing short of astounding really! Blackjack bonuses take on a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit the needs of every player looking to claim one which means there will definitely be a couple of bonuses that will be right up your alley!

Blackjack bonuses

For the high rollers out there Blackjack deposit bonuses can give you as much as £1,500 if you make a similar sized deposit while at the other end of the spectrum those only looking to deposit no more than £10 could still see themselves with £30 to play with. Even better is if you’re new to the scene as there’s  no deposit games in demo mode that will let you play  free of charge and help you get accustomed to the online games!

If you’re a fan of Blackjack there’s really nowhere else you need to be playing this wonderful game than at an online casino. There’s free games available to help you learn, you get to play when you want from your own home, there’s lots of cool variations to have a play with, plus there’s some top end bonuses to seal the deal!

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