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Slots bonuses for new players


If you’re on the hunt for a slots bonus then you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to tell you about the many different types of slots bonuses there are although if you’d just like to run off and grab one now you can do so by heading to Mobile Slots Casino! If you’re still here then you must be interested in hearing what sort of slots bonuses there are on offer so we won’t waste your time any further and press on.

Most players reading this article will be new players which generally means there will still be a bit of learning to do before you can actually play the games properly. The first thing we’d highly recommend is to start playing games for fun in demo mode – no deposit needed. There’s plenty of these to go around and even here at Mobile Slots Casino we offer one so you won’t have too much trouble finding them.

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With these slots bonuses they’ll either be handed out as a bunch of free spins in the form of demo mode games, or sometimes with straight up cash. Sadly neither of these will be for huge amounts which makes sense as casinos would soon go broke if they were. However they are for enough that you’ll be able to play around on the site for a little bit to understand how to work online slots. If you’ve played regular slots for a while in regular casinos one of these free slots bonuses will generally be enough for you to get your bearings and feel confident enough to play in the real money games however if you’re still needing to learn a few more things there’s free play versions for you to check out as well.

The main Slots bonus

When you’ve decided you’re confident enough to play for real it’s the new player welcome bonus a site offers that you’ll want to claim. This type of slot bonus comes in two ways. The first way is to collect your bonus up front when you make a deposit; or alternatively you can collect it afterwards when your initial deposit is gone.

Those who take the money upfront will need to meet the minimum playing requirements these slots bonuses come with which are in place to stop people taking advantage of the casino’s offer however the flip side of this is you’ll get a larger bonus as a result.

Start things off with a slots bonus

Those who take the second version of this slot bonus will only receive the bonus if they lose their initial deposit however when you do this money comes with absolutely no strings attached and if you wanted to you could withdraw the money from your account there and then.

There’s positives to both these types of slot bonuses and which one you choose is entirely up to you. Either way we’d highly recommend you start with the free slots bonus first as this is a simple yet effective way to introduce yourself into the online slot world and it gives you the opportunity to strike it rich before you’ve even made a deposit too!

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