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Technology is making our lives easier and easier every single day. If you want to see a good example of this you only need to turn your attention to the online and mobile casino industry. Their innovative new ways for players to deposit on their sites are nothing short of genius! The deposit we’re talking about in particular today though is an SMS casino deposit which is a deposit that you’re able to make through your mobile phone!

SMS Casino Deposit pay by phone

While this may sound a little odd at first an SMS casino deposit is actually one of the simplest, quickest, and safest ways to make a deposit that’s ever been thought up! So much so that we’re confident enough to say it will be one of your main deposit methods from here on out!

How an SMS casino deposit works is your deposit amount will be charged to your phone bill instead of anywhere else. This means you’ll need a mobile that has a contract or credit on it if you want to use this method. To do this you’ll want to select “pay by phone” as the option in the cashier. Here you’ll be asked for your deposit amount along with your mobile number and once these are entered your mobile phone will be sent a confirmation message which you must confirm. When this is done your money will be instantly loaded into your account and ready to play.

The benefits the sms casino deposit method brings to mobile slots

There are a ton of advantages that come from using the SMS casino deposit method but perhaps none are better than the fact you don’t need to pay to play there and then – you only pay when your phone bill is due. This means if there’s ever a point when you’re a few days away from the end of the month you no longer have to wait around until you can play! We’re sure for many this will be a god send as there’s nothing worse that being all built up to play a game but not being able to play it!

Make an SMS casino deposit today

The other advantage you get from an SMS casino deposit is you don’t need to put your bank details in every time you want to make a deposit. The SMS casino deposit method not only adds an extra layer of security but it’s also just quicker too as all you’re doing is putting in your mobile number which takes a few seconds!

So with increased speed, an added layer of security, and the fact you can play before you’re paid means there’s nothing but good things to say about an SMS casino deposit!

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