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A mobile Slots bonus is valuable


If you’re a mobile player looking to play some slots then there should only be one thing on your mind and that’s a mobile slots bonus! There are many different types of mobile slots bonus with each and every one of them helping to line your pocket just a little and allowing you to get more spins than ever before free of charge! Here at Mobile Slots Casino we have a whole bunch of mobile slots bonuses waiting to be claimed and even a few that are free as well!

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When we talk about mobile slots bonuses today we’re gonna be talking about the ones you receive when you sign up in particular as they are the ones we think you’ll be most interested in. There are both free and matching deposit versions of these and the best thing about the two of them is you can claim both at the same time!

There’s a free mobile slots bonus

The free mobile slots bonus is obviously the first one you’ll want to claim off a site as it does a lot more than simply allowing you to get a couple of free spins when you play games for fun in demo mode. These free bonuses also allow you to get a better idea of your new potential site to see if you like the place or not. Free mobile slots bonuses come in two different forms which are cash and spins. Both essentially do the same thing as the spins turn into cash and the cash can be spent on spins. The usual values of these bonuses are for £5 or 20 spins however there are a couple of site’s out there which will offer slightly higher values.

These are the most rewarding bonuses out there for new mobile slots players in our opinion as you’re going to get to learn how to use the mobile software, check out a new site, and of course get a couple of free spins in free of charge and play slots and table games for fun in demo mode.

The new player slots bonus is the biggest

The second type of mobile slots bonus is the new player deposit bonuses and these bonuses also come in two forms. There’s one where you get your bonus at the start or one where you get your bonus at the end. There are pros and cons to both these variations as the mobile slots bonus where you get your money at the start typically comes with a lot more money attached, sometimes as high as £1,600 however the drawback of them is they usually come with some playing requirements. This is largely to stop players making large deposits and running off with all the money but it’s also so players check out the site that’s offering this bonus to see if it’s the place for them.

Mobile slots bonus for new players

The bonus where you receive the money at the end comes with no strings attached and is usually for a percentage of your deposit(around 20%) but you only get it if you lose your initial deposit.

So if you’re a mobile player looking to play some slots make sure you have a look and get yourself one or two of these mobile slots bonuses to start things off!

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