Join in on the Slots action with a Slot machine free bonus!


There isn’t all that much difference between online slots and regular slots as far as gameplay is concerned. This makes the transition from regular to online slots a whole lot easier. Even if you’ve never played at a slot machine full stop you shouldn’t have too much of a problem picking it all up thanks to the many slot machine free bonuses there are offered up to new players at a casino.

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A slot machine free bonus can be given in two ways although they’re both similar enough that they do the same thing. A slot machine free bonus can either be handed as a bit of cash for you to do with as you wish or it can be given as a bunch of free spins on a featured slot. The free spins turn into cash and the cash can be used for free spins so essentially they’re the same thing when push comes to shove.

A free bonus is all about the learning

You won’t get a great deal from a slot machine free bonus either although you some places have offered up as much as £15 to new players which isn’t chump change either. The whole point of a bonus like this isn’t really the cash anyway as there are plenty of new player bonuses worth hundreds of pounds or more already; the whole point of a slot machine free bonus is to let you play the games for free!

Play with a slot machine free bonus

There are two main reasons this is done and the first of those is to let you get a taste of what online casinos are like to see if they’re the thing for you. There’s no point putting money on a site to have a spin or two, realise you don’t like it, then want to withdraw feeling disappointed. A slot machine free bonus prevents that from happening as you get to try before you buy so to speak so you know if you want to spend your money here or not.

The final thing a slot machine free bonus is good for is giving you an opportunity to learn how to play the games properly in a competitive environment. If you’ve never played at an online casino before you’re going to need to learn how it all works and a slot machine free bonus allows you to do that free of charge so you don’t end up making a mistake when your own money is on the line!