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If you’ve come here looking for a secret in how to make the big bucks when it comes to playing at slot machines we’re afraid there’s no magical answer for us to give you. If you’d like to win at slot machine games more often however we can certainly give you a tip or two to do that or if you’re completely new to online and mobile slots in general we can tell you the basics of how you win at slot machines games.

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Explaining how the big wins are created is probably the smartest thing to do first as this way everyone is on the same page. The basic answer of how to win slot machine games is simply to try and get yourself on those big feature rounds! Online and mobile slots are all about the big feature rounds nowadays and triggering these features is the way you win at slot machine games.

When you start playing at your first online or mobile slot you’ll notice a lot of the symbols create winning paylines which is how you’ll get paid except for one which will be the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol in online slots doesn’t need to be made along a certain payline just three of them need to appear anywhere on the reels for the feature to begin so the answer of how to win slot machine games is finding these symbols.

There are ways to win at Slots for more money

With that said there are certainly some areas in which you can turn the odds slightly more towards your favour. If you want to know how to win slot machine games for a lot of money the answer is to not waste your time playing the 3 reel or arcade slots and instead focus your time playing the big progressive jackpot slots instead.

Want to know how to win at slot machine games?

When you do this you’ll notice that there’s a lot less small wins coming your way as with these slots it’s all about the big wins. If you want a shot at making a million you’ll want to play the progressive slot games as they can do it for you whereas arcade slots normally only have a top prize of 200x-500x your stake buy in.

The final way you can help yourself if you want to learn how to win slot machine games is to look at the RPT that each game offers. RPT stands for return to player and the higher this number is for a particular game the more money you’re going to get back on average from that slot which means your chances of hitting it big go up too!

Overall though we can’t tell you how to win at slot machine games full stop we can only help you find the type of wins you’re looking for a bit better as well as how to increase your chances when you’ve found those games. With that said though if you follow our advice you will most certainly increase your chances of winning slot machine games whenever you decide to sit down and play!

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