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Entering the world of online Slots


Those of you about to enter the world of online slots are about to enter a magical new world which will feature some of the most action-packed games you’ll ever encounter along with some of the largest jackpots the casino industry has ever seen to match!

There’s probably no casino game out there that’s suited to the online and mobile world more than slots are which is one of the many reasons the popularity of these games have exploded. Space had always been an issue when it came to slots and casino games in general at land-based casinos however online casinos can put as many games as they’d like on their site without ever running out of room which means there’s never any concerns for them in this regard.

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This has meant the number of unique online slots there are in the industry is reaching into the thousands and this number is only increasing by the day too. Because of this there’s a seemingly never ending stream of new games with new themes being released as online slots and better yet there’s just as many cool features offered up by these online slots too!

Playing online Slots

Online slots are incredibly easy to play. If you’ve ever played a regular slot before then you already have all the information you need to know to get started. The whole idea behind an online slot is to spin the reels of your chosen slot aiming to try and match up similar symbols along a payline in order to create a winning payline and so take down a prize. This is how many of the online slots play out still nowadays where you make quick spins trying to strike it rich, however for the majority of online slots these days the main goal is to get on to a big feature round where major jackpots can be won.

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There’s an incredible number of unique features offered by online slots which should satisfy the needs of every type of player. The most popular feature when it comes to online slots are free spins features and to get these you’ll typically need to spin out three or more of the game’s scatter symbol. Once you do you can be given anywhere between 5 and 50 free spins for your troubles and better yet these free spins will come with features of their own too. Some may come with added multipliers, others may come with added wilds, while others may remove all the low paying symbols so you win more frequently and for larger amounts!

Features like these are the big draw to playing at online casinos as getting yourself onto a big feature could see you winning a couple of hundred times your buy if not more which makes every spin a bit of an adventure!

Main types of Slots

There are three main types of online slots you’ll find at an online casino but they don’t all have big features for you to play for. The first type of online slot online casinos offer are a slot variation you may have seen before which are 3 reel arcade slots. These online slots are very similar to the fruit machines you see up and down the UK and these aren’t games in which you’ll regularly be looking for a big feature. Instead you’ll be looking to line up three of the game’s jackpot symbol in order to take down a huge prize. Arcade slots are all about making quick spins and lots of them which is perfect for the no frills action junky! The top prizes in 3 reel arcade slots can vary anywhere between 50 and 500 times your staked bet!

Types of online Slots

Video slots are the online slots we were talking about previously which come with 5 reels and some of the most action packed features you’ll find anywhere. Video slots are the most popular form of online slot at a casino so they’ll make up the majority of the online slots library as a result. It’s very rare to find two video slots the same and with prizes that can reach into the hundreds of thousands paired with the fact there’s a never ending series of themes and features it’s not too difficult to see why video slots are so insanely popular!

Jackpot Slots

The final type of online slot you’ll find at a casino is usually the one that’s making it into the headlines and these are jackpot slots. If you’re looking to turn a couple of quid into a couple of million there’s definitely a chance you can do so if you play one of the many jackpot online slots available. These jackpot slots play very similar to the 5 reels video slots it’s just that a percentage of every spin you make gets put into a secondary prize pool that is constantly growing until someone takes it down.

With the number of online players reaching into the millions jackpot online slots have created many multi million pound winners with the current record being a £17.1 million win on the Mega Fortune Online Slot. The crazy thing about that story is the fact that this jackpot was won off no more than a 25p spin!

There’s a lot of choice with online Slots Mobile Casino

These are the three main types of online slots you’ll find in the industry and fortunately, every site will stock all these variations. The added benefit about playing online slots is there’s over 20 unique gaming developers making games for online and mobile casinos so even if you do find two games with the same theme they will almost certainly have a different style, look, and overall gameplay!

In the end we have nothing but fantastic things to say about online slots as even here at Slots Mobile Casino we offer hundreds of these games for you to enjoy. There’s a lot to love about online slots and very little to dislike but some of the main points include the fact that there’s so much choice, the feature rounds are far more exciting than ever before, you get to play from home, and there’s millions to be won for no more than a couple of pence!

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