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If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junky then the place for you is the online casino industry which has slots and games that will get your adrenaline levels soaring like never before making you want to come back time and time again to join in on all the fun. The slots and games that online casinos have on offer take on a variety of different forms which means regardless of what it is you’re looking for there will be some slots and games that fit your criteria!

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The first genre we’d like to talk about out of all the slots and games are the table games as these are the classics and a genre we’re sure a lot of players will really take to. The three main games table games are Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker with all three offering many variations of themselves as well as the classic version. With these three games the action is incredibly fast and the wins come more frequent meaning you can combo off multiple wins in a row fairly often which certainly gets the heart racing and the veins pumping!

Table games

Out of all the casino’s slots and games the table games have the lowest variance and generally the lowest top end prizes however this only means you get to stay at the table to enjoy the fun for even longer. Out the games we’ve mentioned so far our recommendation would be online Roulette as after just a couple of minutes at one of these tables you could easily be up 50 or 60 times your original stake!


The big money makers in the casino out all the slots and games on offer are the slots with there being two main types of slot you want to be on the lookout for. These are the video and the jackpot slots. There’s no real winner to choose when it comes to these two slots as they both offer incredible prizes for very low costs. The video slots offer prizes that reach into the hundreds of thousands while the jackpot slots offer million pound plus prizes although they are won less often. Out all the slots and games at a casino these two are both the most numerous and offer the highest payouts so you’ll certainly want to check them out.

Scratch Cards

The final genre of slots or games you’ll run into at the casino are the instant win games which are essentially just online scratchcards made a little more fun. If you’re looking for a game that’s over quick and gives you a shot at a large prize these are the games you’ll want to play as they’re packed with a lot of excitement and come in a no nonsense format.

Out of all these slots and games there is no right choice or wrong choice to make as they’re all good in their own way and will appeal to different types of players! If you’re looking for fast paced action but don’t want it to end too soon then try out some table games, and if you want a big adrenaline rush with a chance to win it all then it’s the slots you’ll want play, and if you’d like a mixture of the two then you can always try the very fun instant win games instead!

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