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If you’ve never played at either a mobile or online casino before then you’re in for a treat when it comes to how you get to make your deposit on a site as there’s a new method that’s sweeping casinos of the online world which is to allow players to pay via their mobile phone! A casino pay by phone bill deposit method is one of the quickest plus easiest ways to make a deposit on a site requiring you have nothing more than a mobile phone at hand.

Casino Pay By Phone Bill

In order to use the casino pay by phone bill option you’ll need to own a mobile that either comes with a running contract or has enough credit on it already to make a deposit. If you do; great! You’ll want to start by heading to your chosen site’s cashier, then you’ll want to select pay by phone as the option, enter your mobile number along with your deposit amount, and then the final step is to confirm the confirmation text your phone will receive.

 All this takes no more than 30 seconds to do at which point you’ll be well on your way to playing your favourite casino games no matter what they happen to be! The speed and simplicity of a casino pay by phone bill deposit method is why it has instantly become a hit with players the world over. With that said there’s still one more key point with this method which makes it so much better…you can even play when you have no money!

The advantages of the pay by for bill option

Due to the way an SMS casino pay by phone bill deposit works the deposit amount is charged to your monthly phone bill instead of your actual bank account. What this means is you don’t need to pay for it until that’s due; so even if you’ve got no money in your bank that’s not a problem!

Pay by phone casino advantages

There’s always that point of the month when payday is just around the corner preventing you from making a deposit and playing the games you love but not any more. You can simply chose the casino pay by phone bill option; play your games, then pay for it once your money comes in!

In the end it’s quite easy to see why the casino pay by phone bill deposit method is such a hit with players. You only need your mobile to make a deposit; it’s quick and easy to do, not to mention you can play with no money as well!

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