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What is the best slot machine?


Here at Slots Mobile Casino we’re always being asked what the best slot machine is, and to be honest we don’t think there’s a correct answer! Afterall, everyone’s taste is different and what the best slot machine is for one person may not be the best for another. With that said though there are certainly a couple of slots we’d say are in the high end brackets and there are different categories of slots too. So what we can do is give a quick rundown of the three main types of slot and namedrop a slot or two from each category which should set you well on your way to finding the best slot machine for you!

Pick your slot category

The first type of slot category today is the 3-reels slots which are fast paced action slots for the adrenaline junky who’s only looking to make quick spins and avoid any nonsense! There are very rarely any big features on these games and if you just want to make a spin hoping to hit a jackpot this is the type for you! Two of the most of the most popular slots of this genre are the Jackpot 6000 slot and the Mega Joker slot so if this category sounds like it might be the best slot machine type for you then check these two out.

The second genre of slot we have are the video slots which are the most numerous and popular slots of the lot. These games are based all around big and exciting feature rounds with free spins being the most common feature. These free spins often come with large multipliers and other such effect yet are only a small part of all the features you will see. Many of you will find this type to be the best slot machine and the two we’d suggest you try is the cosmic fortune and the thunderstruck II slot!

Play the best slot machines

The final category to pick the best slot machine from are the jackpot slots. It’s pretty self evident as to why these might be the best slot machines as they have jackpots that reach multi million values for as little as a few pence a spin. Two of the record holders are the mega moolah and the mega fortune jackpot slot so these are the two we’d recommend to you!

Find your best slot machine

In the end we’re sure you’ll find the title you deem to be the best slot machine in one of these genres so try a few that we mentioned and see what style of slot you like the best!

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