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Those of you who use an android phone will want to hear about the many perks that come from having such a phone; and none is quite as tasty as getting your hands on an android casino free bonus. These bonuses can be found in a whole heap of places too…including here at Mobile Slots Casino! There are quite a few ways android casino free bonuses can be given to players but if you’re a new player signing up to a site for the first time these can generally be split into two categories.

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The first of the two is straight up getting a little bit of cash when you create a new account on a site. You of course won’t be given a great deal of money from a bonus like this however you can be given as much as £15 to start your journey which isn’t bad either. An android casino free bonus like this will certainly give you a good amount of playing time on a couple of the site’s games which is the primary goal of one of these deals.

The other version of this bonus is the one that Mobile Slots Casino offers which is a couple of free spins on a featured game. This version is pretty good as it gives you more of an idea about what sort of games you can expect to see on the site. Plus those spins turn into cash anyway so you’re not limited to that one game!

Why you should claim an android casino free bonus

The whole point of an android casino free bonus isn’t for the money although you can certainly walk away with some added cash in your pocket as a result – the whole point of an android casino free bonus is to both learn how a mobile casino in general works as well as what that particular casino itself is like.

If you’re making the leap from online to mobile then there’s not too much you need to get used to bar using the touchscreen however if you’re making the jump from a land based casino to an android casino you will want to take a little bit of time to understand how to play these games without fear of making a mistake. An android casino free bonus allows you to do this while also letting you play in a competitive environment at the same time so you won’t feel like you’re running into anything new when you start to play with your own money!

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