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The big draw for millions of online slot fans are for those ridiculous jackpot prizes that come from getting onto the slot jackpot bonus games which isn’t too much of a surprise to anyone really – who wouldn’t want to win a life changing amount of money for no more than a couple of pence. If this sounds like you then you’ll definitely want to learn how these slot jackpot bonus games work and how big the prizes get so you can start taking part in the games knowing full well how much is up for grabs before you get started!

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The way a jackpot slot pays out is by having a player usually trigger a feature round which brings up a small bonus game that you must take part in to win a prize. Even if you don’t take down the full jackpot in one of these slot jackpot bonus games there will still be a secondary prize waiting around the corner so you don’t need to worry too much about this being an all or nothing thing.

Jackpot Slots are all about that big prize

Even so the slot jackpot bonus games are all about taking down the big prize and there’s typically a few ways in which these games work. The most common of those is a pick to win style of game. The premise of this is rather simple; there will be somewhere between 9 and 30 hidden symbols for you to pick from and you must keep selecting until you reveal 2 or 3 matching symbols with the symbols you match determining your end prize. There’s not too much to these slot jackpot bonus games as it’s simply a case of picking and hoping but that doesn’t take away from any of the suspense when you reach one of these features.

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A similar slot jackpot bonus game to this is one employed by the current holder of the largest ever payout, the Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot with the idea behind their bonus game being to spin a wheel and watch as it slowly winds down and lands on a prize. The good thing about both these slot jackpot bonus games is you will actually win a good prize either way so getting onto the feature is only ever good for you.

Free spin bonuses

The final type of slot jackpot bonus games is when you get yourself onto a free spins feature. Free spins features are the most common feature in regular video slots and they come with many unique bonuses of their own including increased wilds or added multipliers. Some jackpot slots will also make this where their main jackpot lies as you must create a winning payline along a certain payline with a certain symbol to win the jackpot.

About slot jackpot bonus games

When it comes to jackpot slots and slot jackpot bonus games in particular you should always be aware that when you do get yourself onto this bonus game you’ve basically won yourself a decent prize already so you should just try to enjoy the moment along with the suspense it brings!

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