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What’s the live Roulette wheel all about?


Those of you who’ve yet to step up to the live Roulette wheel are in for a real treat as this is one of the most enjoyable ways for players to experience the game of Roulette. The live Roulette wheel has managed to take the best parts of regular Roulette plus online Roulette; to combine them into a medium that players simply can’t get enough of!

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With live Roulette the players in a regular casino are replaced by state of the art cameras that will be able to take in all the sights and sounds at the casino in their place. You can’t get to the live Roulette wheel by walking up to it so instead you head to a live casino and tune into its live stream feed in order to play. When you do you’ll be met with your own dealer, the table, and a stack of virtual chips which you’ll be using to bet with. What makes the live Roulette wheel such an exciting place to play is the fact it’s such a personal and engaging experience which allows you to chat along with the dealer who can reply to you in real time as you play!

Playing at the live Roulette wheel is the easy part!

The easy part about stepping up to the live Roulette wheel is actually the playing part as it doesn’t require much learning from you as almost everything built here has been made intuitive to use. When you’re in the live casino lobby you’ll be met with a list showcasing all the various live Roulette games that are on offer that day. When you select the live Roulette wheel you like the look of a live stream of that table will appear displaying the table, the dealer, and a stack of virtual chips.

How to play at the live Roulette wheel

Actually making the bet at the live Roulette wheel requires just two clicks with the first of those being to click on the chip you’d like to make a bet with followed by a second click where on the betting table you’d like to place that chip!

When you first start playing at the live Roulette wheel you’ll begin to realise just what you’ve been missing out on this whole time as you’ll still be getting very close to the exact same interactive and atmosphere rich experience you’re used to receiving at the casino except this will be played at a time and place that’s far more convenient for you!

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