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Blackjack card counting is one of those things that has become mystified in glory with legends being made out of the players who used the Blackjack card counting system in the early days of Vegas to fantastic effect. Blackjack card counting was definitely a way players were able to make a lot of money from the casino making a lot of players rich in the process however we’re afraid to say the day’s where that can be done are all but gone now.

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The reason Blackjack card counting was able to work was due to how few decks of cards there were in the deck. Nowadays you can have anywhere from 6-8 decks of cards being shuffled together whereas back then there were usually only 1-2. What this meant was that every card took up a much larger percentage of the deck therefore when you saw a card had already been dealt out you could figure out which cards were still left in the deck then bet accordingly.

Blackjack card counting is pretty much gone because not only are there 6-8 decks being used at a time meaning losing a card from the deck doesn’t mean very much, but decks are also shuffled every couple of hands to make it even harder.

How to Blackjack card count

Even so if you’re still interested then we’ll happily give you a rundown on how Blackjack card counting works. When the deck is full of high cards which is a ten or better then this is pretty good for the player as they make stronger hands more often while the dealer busts more often. On the flip side if there’s lots of low cards in the deck(2,3,4,5,6) this is pretty good for the dealer.

The info on Blackjack card counting

So with Blackjack card counting players would assign a -1 value to the high cards and a +1 value to the low cards. Then as the cards began being dealt out they would bet small and start adding up these +1’s and -1’s as they came out. Then when the count was at a high number it meant the deck was in a good position for you and so you’d bet for much higher stakes while the odds were in your favour!

This was all there was to Blackjack card counting but it most certainly worked which is why casino’s added extra decks to stop it from working and why it’s now a dead art in today’s games.

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